Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some friends I have.

I am blessed.

This is our home. I love this house. We don't live there right now, but I love being able to look through pictures, remember our time there and pray that one day we'll be back. This is a magical house. If you ever get the chance to visit, you'll be invited to walk through time, journey through a home that is a container for life, a gateway to the presence of God and a perfect spot to embrace community. Someday.

I'm sharing this, because I want to tell you about some friends I have. The Millers. Daniel, Nichole and their three very precious little girls.

I have known Nichole for the last 18 years. She is a friend of my heart, my bosom buddy. She gets me like few do, has loved me even when she could have hated me. She is a very grounded, determined, talented, focused person and there are few who truly get to see her depths. I am continually amazed by all that she does. She recently redesigned my blog, which looks incredible and is inspiring me to be a better blogger. Thank you!!! I don't know how she manages to find the time to do graphics for blogs/websites, write her own blog, have her own etsy store, keep her house spotless, make yummy treats, raise precious girls and I could go on and on. She is a priceless person and doesn't get half the praise she deserves.

She is married to Daniel Miller whom I have known for 13 years. He is one of a kind and they have such a fun marriage. There are few people who are truly married to their very best friend and theirs is one of those. Daniel has been a brother and friend to me. He is such an encourager and has spoken into my life when I desperately needed it. He has a background in ministry and his heart for others is without fault. He has been our real estate agent in the sale of one home and the purchase of two. The most recent being the house above. He was able to facilitate the sale of our first home in one week. This was in a recession market, when everyone told us to plan on our home sitting on the mls for months/years. The house pictured was a miracle, Daniel poured so much into making it happen, as did Aaron Nelson. They were amazing and I am still in awe of how it all worked out and deeply blessed. Thank you Venture Properties. Keep up to date on the Redding market with Daniel's home tour goodness. Fun even if you aren't looking.

I am blessed.

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