Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello blue sky.

The SUN. How I have missed it, longed for it and welcome it with open arms. It doesn't matter that it's windy, there is something fabulously blissful about the streaming golden arc slicing through a brilliant blue sky. It fills me with joy, delight and endless imagining. Today I feel infused with energy and my mind is scheming all that I should accomplish and do. I'm thinking I need to plant something, get my hands in the rich earth and contribute to this life. That's where you'll find me. Just in case you were looking.


charis said...

the beach looks heavenly... i could use some good sand between these toes!

and yes, planting something sounds divine!

Lacy Fontaine Remebering What Makes Life Wonderful said...

Awesome picture!! Soooo cute!!!