Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Moving Once More.

Good Morning.  Happy Holidays.  Joy and Grace to all.

What do you do, when you get a dream.  When you've been drifting for a few years, waiting for the moment to settle, to find home, to be.

The last three years have been insanely hard, breaking, and wonderful.  There is so much strength and growth in pain.

We have wandered, pursuing my husband's career, building our family, but never really growing roots.  With the kids getting older, the push has come to find our landing place.  Our little corner of the world to call home.

In just a week we will be moving to Redding, CA.  My hometown, filled with amazing friends and family.

It feels a little like jumping from 5000 feet up without a parachute.  We've been so stable, so focused on career, but we're making a choice to put our family first.

I am equally terrified and excited.

This will be the longest I've been away from home and I wonder how I'll fit going back.  My children have grown so much, from 1-3 to 4 and 6.  They'll be in school.  They'll make friends and find their way.  I can sign them up for sports without worrying if we'll be there through the season, they can make friends they don't have to say goodbye to, they can enjoy plans and expectations, because we'll be there to see them through.  I feel so overwhelmed by this.

I have to admit that my heart is breaking in the goodbye.  It always does.  Saying farewell to amazing friends that have become like family.  People who love my children, who see them.  This has been so special.

What felt like ages to break through, opened fully, and in doing so offered a wonderful and beautiful community.  I have friends I never expected.  Beautiful people that have shown me so much love and life.

I will miss these treasures.

I have been richly blessed.  I am so thankful for the trials of life that lead to overwhelming good.

And now we go home.  We will make a life down roads I know.  The corners are not hiding the unexpected, but the long awaited beauty.

There will be shifts and expectations that must alter, there will be new friends and old.  There will be blessing and pain.  In all things, I am looking forward.

May your Christmas be filled with lights, love, joy, peace, and abundance.

My hands will be taping boxes and hugging goodbyes.

The New Year will start ripe with promise.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL.