Friday, July 13, 2012

The moments that linger.

Beauty is fleeting.  Very often, it is just the whisp, as it fades to grey.  It is the thought that lingers, but doesn't stay.  It is the youth, too unaware to treasure.  It is the age, to wise to notice.   It is in life and pain.  It is felt and rejoiced in good, but it never stays.  It just whispers through the days.  Grasping we try to cling, to hold tight as it flits upon it's way.  But it is not forever, and laughing it floats through a clasping hand.

Treasure these days, these whispers, these dreams.
Treasure the kisses, the laughter, the gleam.

Tickle and chase, give way to the moment
It laughs, it's fickle, it will be gone in an instant.

Bless, never curse, your words last forever.
Don't waste the dreams, you'll regret, when they sever.

You are their mainstay, the mast, the anchor.
When they reject you, they'll watch to see if you falter.

Keep living, and being, the best, you can be.
One day they'll grow up, to be the best, they can see.

Enjoy this.  These moments.  Laugh wildly as they fly from your hand.  They are the treasure, we'll store in our mind, when all that is, will be what was.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Granola-y Goodness.

I love a big pile of granola on a scoop of Cocount Bliss coffee ice cream.  Or in yogurt.  Or as cereal.  Or out of the bag.  It's just yummy.  I started making this about 2 years ago and it is a favorite around these parts.  It's perfect especially in the fall when you're looking for something to warm your house with cinnamon and vanilla.  Out on the coast and definitely on this rainy day, its just a good excuse to make something happy.


4 1/2 C old fashioned oatmeal
1C coarsely chopped almonds
1C coarsely chopped pecans
1C unsweetened coconut flakes
1C sunflower seeds
1C dried cranberries
1/2C flaxseeds

1/3C clover honey
2/3C grade B maple syrup
3/4C coconut oil

2 1/2t sea salt
3t cinnamon
2t vanilla

Bake at 300, for one hour, on a parchment lined baking sheet - stir every 15 min to prevent overcooking.

Then do a happy dance.


 yes.  I mix with my hands.  Don't worry.  You don't have to.  :)


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Never Enough.

I have to admit that I put myself under quite a bit of stress.  I'm always certain that I should be better, perform harder, do more, be more.  It is very rare that I am able to just rest in the reality that this is who I am.  That I am exactly the me I should be.  That who I am, what I am, brings value to the world and those around me.

I bought the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD a few months back.  I have to be honest, I didn't expect it to literally destroy me, punch me in the face, telling me I've believed a false message of lethargy!  What the heck!  I thought taking the stairs was a good idea.  Regardless, I've been exercising.  Fully loving how it feels to get back in shape.  It's been a while.  My kids were too little, I had too much milk to deal with, etc.  The excuses were endless.  Until I was finally dissatisfied enough to pursue a change.   Getting stronger just feels good.

However. . . I signed up for Jillian's health and wellness emails and suddenly I was inundated with the idea that I need to eat less, eat low fat foods, cut out sugar, only drink water, don't breathe, don't frown (you'll wrinkle), be less, do more.  And.  Well.  It's easy to jump into that.  Especially when you're unhappy with how you see yourself and you want the change to happen right now.

I could feel myself stressing, 'OH NO! I ate after eight, I didn't stop when I was full, I had a peace of chocolate cake!  I am now going to be fat and I will never look like the hard bodies on pinterest!'  Sob.  Sob.  Gulp.

And yeah, bummer.

Law will destroy you.  Every time!

Yes, there are times that you need to be a little strict and push for a change.  However, if you are constantly living under negative self talk, stressing about everything you eat, you're probably not going to be successful, or you will - only to put it all right back on.

I thought I'd share a couple tools that have hugely helped me reach a happy, healthy place with my eating, my body, my weight.

I pursue loving myself.  It isn't easy for me to find the good in my looks or my body.  I tend to be uber critical.  But, when I start to focus on what I am good at, even if I can't see it, that I am beautiful.  Some of that judgement starts to fall off.

Live in GRACE!!  Don't stress if you binge, or you ate past a certain time, if you had one of your I'll 'never' foods.  It can be so easy to jump on a wagon and then devastating when you fall off.  Rather walk as close to the wagon as you can, then one day you'll realize you've been riding in it and it's no longer scary or forced.

I am absolutely not an expert in any way.  I mostly have a healthy diet.  I am aware of foods that I struggle with and I try to avoid them, but I'm learning sometimes I won't and that's okay.  I am okay.

After having my kids, I could feel the stress of trying to get all of the weight off.  Striving to instantly be back in shape.  Every article, person, doctor said to take my time.  I constantly heard 'you took 9 months to put this weight on, give yourself that long to take it off'.  It can be discouraging when the scale seems to move so slowly, but as you choose to continue changing habits and focus more on living fully, being healthy, and exercising - that number will move.  Don't worry.

I hope that everyone who is pursuing their health is able to enjoy each and every accomplishment without the weight of any little failures holding them back.  Enjoy your life, your day, you.

I was hoping to post my granola recipe - which is a little bit of heaven.  But, I realized last minute I need a couple things.  I'll do my best to have it up tomorrow.

Blessings.  Cherylyn

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A lesson in life.

Living in the NOW.

No, not the now network.

The right this minute, look at life, hello, here I am, type of now.

There is a verse in Jeremiah - I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans of good and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

I have quoted this verse over and over in my life.  Usually its a reminder when things are hard.  That God loves me, he has a plan, that things will get better.

But, when things are good, I mean, when they are awesome.  I forget to look and say - 'hey, thanks God, for keeping your word.'

I forget sometimes that my present is the good that God has promised.

There's a book, 1000 Gifts.  It's amazing.  You should read it.

But, I have to admit that I read it during a very difficult season in my life.  During a season where I couldn't find anything good.  I wanted to give thanks, I really, really did.  But, I'd try and then I'd just get mad.  I felt so frustrated, feeling as if I weren't learning anything, that I'd been dropped in the wilderness and left to die.  I felt fully and completely abandoned.

I wanted to say thank you, but I only felt bitter.  So I complained, and whined, and cried, and woe is me'd, until I am amazed that my husband didn't run screaming for the hills.  He probably should have.

Then, like only God can. . .  I began to hear myself.  I began to hear the groaning and despair.

I realized that, here I was, in my very own wilderness and I was making the Israelites look good.

I began to take to heart the idea of giving thanks in any and every circumstance.

I looked for the blessing and stared at it, until I couldn't see anything else.

And somewhere in the midst I began to settle.  I began to exist in the goodness of God and in the presence of God.  I learned about the now God and that he and the future God are the same.

The promises for tomorrow can be taken in hand today.  It is thankfulness for what we can't see.  It is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - until the cry of our heart is an overwhelming, rejoicing shout of HOSANNA - THANK YOU, GOD!

                                                                                                         Photo by the amazing Lacy Fontaine
His goodness is revealed, to those that praise him for it, before they get to see it.

I have known this.  Long before books were written.  I had watched as thankfulness in my life opened doors that had previously been closed.

I learned it in the small things, but I failed - when it felt as if all of life had shattered.

When saying thank you, couldn't get past the bitterness.

How grateful I am to the King who promises and delivers.

Who holds his hand open with all of the goodness we need.  We are sustained, as in the midst, we praise.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Living in the Sun, even through the clouds.

Most days in this little coastal hamlet, I find myself desperately searching for a glimpse of blue sky.  The fog hangs low and melancholy through the year.  Taking a welcomed break in the fall months, when stretches of blue and 60 degrees make one feel as though they've stepped into a drug induced state.

Today, however, as I walked through the throng at the farmers market.  The trendy mothers in their striped sweaters and BOB strollers, jostled by the tattooed men hampered only by their mane of dreds, each seeking the fresh organic goodness, served up by the local, sustainable farms.

My children run wildly on the grass, glee and youthful abandon enabling even the most rigid of souls to find joy in their antics.  This is especially good when locals have to hurdle their little rolling bodies.

I sit on the grass, the sun warming my back, my mouth filled with the weight of a gluten free strawberry scone.  Arise bakery, a local gluten free bread shop sells their wares in the center of the square and I must confess I come as much for the produce as I do for their little bits of guilt free heaven.  :)  Perhaps I shouldn't say guilt free as the rich butter flavor couples perfectly with the bits of dates and fresh strawberries.

It is these moments, these days, that the sun peeks out to say 'hello', that my children laugh with abandon, that I sit in the peace of the moment - that my heart fills with a great and unending THANK YOU.

So much in life demands our attention, strips us of our joy, and holds a mirror of never enough before our faces.  As much as we can remove ourselves from the barrage of negativity and step forth to rest our face in the beams of grace we can see clearly.

For it is in joy, in thank you, in mercy, and grace that truth is revealed.