Monday, September 1, 2014

A Quest For Authentic Joy.

I want to start a series about joy.  Probably because I've realized how much I lack true, authentic, deep, well springs of joy.  I know that it is there and available.  I know verses that say the 'joy of the Lord is our strength'.  I believe that it is ready and available for every believer.  Therefore if I don't see it as readily present in my life than I feel as if I am missing a key component to life in Christ.  And I want it, deeply, and desperately.

I'm not talking about happiness, the lightheartedness that comes with an easy life.  Rather a deep rooted joy that springs regardless of mood, circumstances, or people.

We have had amazing seasons of life, we've had difficult times, there have been moments that life has felt perfect, and others that it has seemed to tear us apart.  Life is full of ups and downs, but as I weather the peaceful and wild seas I want my heart to be set in a place of joy.  A knowing that no matter what comes my security is in a complete and total trust in Jesus.

Lately the theme that has come to me is to not trouble myself with our circumstances, whether we are where we want to be or not.  There are always things to change and adjust, I tend to be a person who lives hell bent on the future.  What am I going to do, who am I going to be, how big will my kids be, how wonderful life will be when. . .   I miss the dramatic and amazing beauty that sits before us.  I can't always see the good that is at hand when I am desperately living for tomorrow.

I have been taking care to be present in our lives.  To see the fun in the stages that my kids are in.  They are learning and growing so much.  They are already so different than their two year old selves. While I'm not worried about an entire roll of toilet paper being decoratively placed in the toilet then strewn around the house, I don't have the baby wonder at every new thing.  There is not a lot of quiet holding and wet kisses just because.  And that's okay, because now it's fun, conversations, competitive games, and time spent together.  Before I know it they'll be asking for the keys and wanting time away.  Each stage and moment is beautiful.  For now I'm a mama.  I'll be doing the quiet live in stage for a while as we expect our next one.  Life is moving at its own sweet pace.  At times painstakingly slow and at others so quick I can't catch my breath or freeze the blur.

Regardless of life and what we have or don't.  We are all somewhere on our journey.  I encourage you to revel in this time, whether of ease or struggle.  Nothing lasts forever.  But, we can find such extreme and overwhelming good in all of it, if we take the time to look.

A first step in truly living a life of joy.  To exist in the moment.

If you are struggling with joy, my heart is with you.  While there have been huge places of triumph in my life, I am still on a quest to live with a heart fully rooted in joy.  I hope that my journey inspires and strengthens you.

Blessings.  Cherylyn

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